Tudeh Party of Iran:Egypt’s dictator hears the voice of revolution very late


The new era of the struggle of people’s movement of the countries of North Africa which started last month in Tunisia, in its path is now challenging the political regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Jordan.  Tunisia’s dictator relinquished power two weeks ago and sought refuge in Saudi Arabia.  The developments in this country are progressing towards creating a democratic republic based on the will of the working masses. The struggle in Egypt, the most populous African country with more than 80 million people, has taken great strides over the last week in bringing to an end the long history of the ruling dictatorial regime.  The news from the Egyptian people’s movement over the last three days, January 28-30, indicate that

Hosni Mubarak, the leader of the dictatorial regime and the lackey of the United States imperialism, just as his Iranian counterpart in February 1979, has heard the message of the people’s revolution only when the wrath of the masses in their demands for economic, social and political rights has reached the doorsteps of the presidential palace.

The people, despite the presence of military forces in the streets and the announcement of emergency conditions, have disregarded the laws prohibiting assembly in public places and have continued their demonstrations.  Based on the latest news, until now (Sunday, January 30th), the security forces have killed 102 demonstrators.  Tens of thousands of demonstrators have gathered in central Cairo

and have demanded resignation of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s President.  The steel workers in Suez have gone on strike and have declared that they would continue their strike until Mubarak’s overthrow.  The events of recent days have demonstrated that Egypt’s working masses desire fundamental changes in the economic, social and political conditions of the country.  The people consider as ineffective the deceitful efforts of the regime in blocking their path of struggle for reaching their rightful goal of democracy and social justice.The Tudeh Party of Iran firmly supports the heroic struggle of the Egyptian masses for fundamental reforms in their country’s political, economic and social system, for an end to the corrupt dictatorship dependent on American imperialism and for attaining true democracy, human rights and social justice.  We condemn the violent backlash of the security and police forces that have so far led to the killing of over 100 demonstrators.  The Egyptian regime has shown once again its true nature to the world by announcing martial law, dispatching the military to the streets, sending the security forces to confront the masses, and also stopping the mass communication system, such as cell phones, email and the internet, completely and comprehensively.  The telling information are the ambivalent statements by the American and European Union policy makers who, in advancing their strategic interests and supporting their puppets, have shirked from taking an unequivocal stance in support of the masses for reforms, pushing aside of the dictatorial regimes and passage to real democracy.  The United States has practically supported continuation of the Mubarak regime.Despite the repression and the savage and inhumane behavior of the forces of the dictatorial regime, we are of the belief that the progressive and democratic Egyptian forces can get this unprecedented uprising to its rightful conclusion through unity of action and close ties with the masses, worker organizations and social movements. They can also safeguard the victories and gains of this uprising from the backward and reactionary forces, as well as elements of the European and American imperialism.  Victory to the heroic struggle of the people, working masses and progressive and democratic forces of Egypt!
Published in “Nameh Mardom”, Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, 31st January 2011


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