Solidarity with the revolution in Egypt تضامن من الحزب الشيوعي الكندي

Solidarity with the revolution in Egypt

! The massive popular and peaceful uprising against the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak, which has captured the world’s attention over the past ten days, continues to expand and deepen despite the desperate attempts of the Egyptian ruling class and its imperialist backers to douse the flames of revolution. After 30 long years of oppression, grinding poverty and corrupt rule, millions of working people have held unprecedented mobilizations

day after day in the streets of cities and towns across Egypt, around the unifying demand that Mubarak and his government cronies and thugs must immediately resign, and that new genuinely fair and democratic elections be held. Aroused by the inspiring “intifada of the poor” in nearby Tunisia which recently deposed the dictatorship of Zain Al‑Abidin Bin Ali, the Egyptian masses are determined that “Mubarak must GO!” While the popular rallying cry is for an end to oppression and for real democratic rule, the underpinnings of the revolutionary upsurge are rooted in the social and economic grievances of the working class, which has endured high unemployment

, rising food prices and impoverishment – further heightened during the recent global economic crisis – while the ruling class elite and their flunkies in the Mubarak regime accumulate the national wealth produced by their labour. The transparent manoeuvres of Mubarak to cling to power have failed miserably to stem the tide. First, he announced a cosmetic cabinet shuffle, elevating Omar Sulieman to the vice-presidency. Sulieman, the former chief of Egypt’s notorious intelligence branch, is best known for his role as CIA point-man, organizing rendition flights and torture at the behest of Washington’s so-called “war on terror”. Later, the dictator pledged to serve out his term (until September 2011) before stepping down, hoping that a delay would allow him time to regroup his shattered forces. But the Egyptian people have rejected these false promises and ‘concessions’ overwhelmingly. Finally, the regime has resorted to violence, unleashing thugs (mostly plainclothes cops and members of his discredited National Democratic party masquerading as “pro-Mubarak” supporters) to attack the peaceful and unarmed protests in Tahrir square in Cairo, in Alexandria, Suez and elsewhere. But the people have held firm against this counter-revolutionary violence, despite an escalating toll of death and injuries. The role of the imperialist powers, including Canada, in this crisis has been two-faced and despicable. While Washington, London and Ottawa have been forced to publicly recognize the legitimate popular resentment against the hated regime, and to pose as defenders of ‘democracy’ and the ‘right of peaceful dissent’, they are feverishly working behind the scenes to prop up their interests in the region. While Mubarak himself is expendable, U.S. imperialism and its allies worry that the burgeoning movement will develop into a full-fledged national democratic and anti-imperialist revolution, and may spread to other parts of the Arab world, threatening the reign of other client regimes and undermining US-Israeli hegemony in the region as a whole. The Communist Party of Canada expresses its wholehearted solidarity with the heroic revolutionary process unfolding in Egypt today, and urges all its members and supporters, and all democratic-minded and anti-imperialist Canadians to rally in support of the Egyptian people in demonstrations taking place across Canada. We condemn the failure of the Harper government to publicly and sincerely condemn the Mubarak regime, and demand a complete reversal in Ottawa’s foreign policy, to stand in favour of the struggling Egyptian people, beginning with the expulsion of the Egyptian ambassador to Canada in response to Mubarak’s state-organized violence against his own people. Issued by the Central Executive Committee,Communist Party of CanadaFeb. 4, 2011


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