Solidarity with the Communist Party & People of Egypt, from CPUSA

Communist Party of EgyptThe pleasure with which not only our party, but also the majority of the people in the United States of America have viewed the tremendous outpouring for democracy and freedom on the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities is turning to anger and worry as it becomes evident that the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak has shut its ears to reason and humanity, and is unleashing brutal violence against its own people.

The demand of the Egyptian people is clear: That Mubarak and his regime must clear out so that the people themselves can begin the work of creating a new form of government in which the repressive and corrupt practices of the current regime can become a thing of the past.

We join our voices to the demand that Mubarak go now, and demand that the U.S. government, which over the years has financed the Egyptian regime and its military to the tune of many billions

(thousands of millions) of dollars, exert pressure on the Mubarak regime by cutting off all U.S. aid.  For too long, the United States has supported regimes around the world which oppress their own people; the time has come for that policy to change and for our government, rather, to attune its policies to the legitimate aspirations of the peoples of Egypt and the world


We salute the Egyptian Communist Party, the other progressive organizations that are fighting for a new order in Egypt, and the Egyptian workers and popular masses for their valiant stand.



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