Statement issued by the Egyptian Communist Party

The revolution will continue until the demands of the masses are achieved

Statement issued by the Egyptian Communist Party

The revolution will continue until the demands


of the masses are achieved

The hour of truth is near and the decisive moment has arrived when the Egyptian people pronounce their final word asserting the need to bring down Mubarak and change his regime. It seems that the life of the regime of tyranny (..) especially that its American masters have taken their hands off in the wake of the continuing revolution of the people and its escalation everywhere in Egypt.

The millions of people who have come out today to demand the departure of Mubark will ensure the defeat of all the conspiracies of the dictator and his gang who aim to thwart the revolution and to circumvent it.

The agreement to form a committee that enjoys the confidence of the people and the demonstrators is a critical issue for achieving the political, economic and social demands of the revolution. And we stress the basic demands approved by the patriotic forces represented in the people’s parliament:

1 – The removal of Mubarak and the formation of a presidential council for a transitional period of specified duration.

2 – The formation of a coalition government that assumes the management of the country during the transitional period.

3 – To call for the formation of an elected constituent assembly to draft a new constitution for the country, based on the principle of the sovereignty of the nation and ensuring the devolution of power within the framework of a just democratic civil state.

4 – To prosecute those responsible for hundreds killed and injured among the martyrs of the Revolution and victims of security oppression, as well as prosecuting those responsible for plundering the wealth of the Egyptian people.

Long live the revolution of the Egyptian people

Cairo – 1st February 2011


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الحزب الشيوعى المصرى Communist Party of Egypt
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  2. International Platform against Isolation كتب:

    To the Egyptian Communist Party

    Dear friends

    this is the first time we contact you and this of course happens in very meaningful and imporant days, days that already became history for the people in your country.
    First of all, we want to express our solidarity and respect with the Egyptian people, who went out to the streets without sleep and rest to fight for their longings of a
    democratic state without exploitation. The last days have shown once again, that there are no arms and no power in the world, stronger than the unity of the peoples.
    We also want to speak out our condolences for all the martyrs and heros, who lost their lives during the battles.

    Since the issue “unity of the peoples” is a very important cause for the revolutionary, progressive movement in Turkey, we want to send you the invitation of the
    People’s Front, who will organize its 2nd International Symposium “Unity of the peoples against imperialist aggression”, in Istanbul, from 25-27 February, 2011.

    It would be a great honor for the organizers, if your Party could send a delegate to this important meeting. Of course the costs for your travel, accomodation and
    catering will be carried by the organisation.

    Below, you can read the program for the international symposium, to which we expect different organisations and movements from Europe, Middle East and Latin America.
    Due to the special developments in your country, as well as in Tunesia (from where we also want to invite the communist workers party and a trade union), there should be
    certainly a program point about the recent development in your countries.

    Please let us know as soon as possible, if you want to accept this invitation and be sure about our continuous support for your cause.

    Best greetings
    on behalf of the International Platform against Isolation
    and the People’s Front

    I N V I T A T I O N

    2nd International Symposium
    organized by the People’s Front / Turkey
    Istanbul, 25-26-27 February 2011

    Program for the symposium

    Some Means of Imperialism and Popular Resistances

    1st Session
    Isolation in Prisons, isolation methods, the aims of isolation and examples of resistance.
    To destroy by decomposition… Corruption like politic to make obey.
    Struggle against americanisation, degeneration and our alternatives.
    The importance of imperialist attacks against the right of resistance. Examples

    2nd Session

    Migrant politics in Europe, The rise in racism and chauvinism.
    Siege, law sanction and politics of embargo, its legality, its humanism, its aims, its results.
    Imperialist military occupations, its aims and the attitude of revolutionaries.

    3rd Session

    Imperialist blacklists, terror laws and alternatives of the peoples.
    Thinking with our own brain, speaking our own language. Psychological war and our refuges.

    The Evaluation of the People’s Resistance

    4th Session
    How are the attacks and resistances in Middle East? What are our duties?
    Iraq, Afghanistan

    5th Session

    The truth of fascism in Turkey and AKP.
    Turkey and region politics of imperialism and AKP
    Struggle in Turkey against Imperialism and AKP’s politics.

    6th Session

    The economical attacks of Imperialism in Europe (precarity, work without guarantee etc…)
    The crisis of Capitalism, yellow trade unionism and revolutionary alternatives
    The crisis of Capitalism and chauvinism.

    7th Session
    The rising resistance of the Latin American peoples.
    Revolutionary alternative.
    Anti- imperialist attitudes.

    It is a Duty to Obtain the People’s Unity

    8th Session
    Unity experiences at National level.
    International experiences for the unity of peoples.
    Political and organizational Principles which must be essentials for the unities.
    The mistakes that need to be avoided for unity.

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