We salute the struggle movements in Tunisia

And invite you to unity and support for the socialist forces, toward a radical change for the favor of the poor and the working class.

We declare the Communist Party of Egypt’s support of the insurrection of Seidy Abu Zeid that has been followed by social movements supporting it and its fair demands for work, the insurance of resources for a decent life, the right of education, and health care.

What is happening today in your Tunisia is a struggle scene of the rise of the poor to defend themselves and their fair rights. The expansion of these movements to other towns and places such as Al-Qasrine, Jandoba, Madnine, Qesa, Tunisia, most importantly Al-Hawd Al-Manjami, is a natural response to the ruling junta of the forces of abuse and systematic loot of the Tunisian people’s properties, represented by President Bin Ali, and his autocratic regime, which deprives the poor of its simplest rights.

Any good observer to the state of the Arab peoples will find the same tragic scene that consists of impoverishment policies, abuse, corruption, repressive authority, and attempts to pass the authority through heredity succession.

The unity of the social and syndic forces, along with their collaboration with socialist forces, and their uphold of the social movement in Tunisia, is the major guarantee for it to have its demands fulfilled, and set off for democracy, implement the public freedoms, and accomplish social benefits for the poor, the unemployed, and the working class, which in turn will open a path for a revolutionary change, whose reward will be for the working class, and the deprived groups.

We also censure the repress that had occurred to the protestors, and rose to the level of shooting the demonstrators, in addition to arresting some of communards of the Workers’ Communist Party, the Revival Socialist Party, and other political forces.

We hail the struggling forces, and invite them to unite against the repressive impoverishing regime.

On the other end, we invite the patriotic and democratic forces in Egypt, to back up the Tunisian protesting movements, and invite our communards of the socialist and labor parties all over the world, and the trade unions, to support the struggle movements, and send letters of denounce to the Tunisian government, until the triumph of the Tunisian people, and the protestors’ demands are accomplished.


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